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With private sessions, I will be coaching the owners on how to properly train their dog on their own pace. The progress will depend on your consistency of doing your homework. Private lessons are typically held once per week or once every two weeks and up to many times as needed depending on your goals and your dog's needs. The sessions can be hold at the client's home or outdoors depending on the training's target. This typically last for an hour to an hour and a half per session. The fee is per session, not per dog; multiple dogs can be address in the same session if they all have the same issues. There is no additional fee when I come to my client's house unless you live outside Bakersfield. Training tools are sold separately.

PRICES & BUNDLES: You can pay the bundle on the first session.

  • Pay per session -- $150 per session if you choose to pay as you go

  • Evaluation -- $150, this session can count as the first session to any bundle

  • Basic Obedience Training Bundle -- $560 for four sessions (You save $40)

  • Advanced Obedience Training Bundle -- $560 for four sessions (You save $40)

  • Behavior Modification Training Bundle -- $840 for six sessions (You save $60)


A certificate will be awarded to students who complete the obedience training program.

AVAILIBITY: My afternoons and early evenings are book until the third week of September but my mornings are pretty open. You can book in advance.​

(Updated on 09/11/23)

NOTE: I will be on a vacation break from Dec 3rd to 17th.


My board and train service is designed for dog owners who need serious help with their dog’s behavioral issues or for those who do not have much time but desire fast results or for owners who is simply looking for a good head start with their dog. The owners allows their dog to temporarily live with me while undergoing intensive training. This service comes with weekly session while their dog is here and a follow up session after their dog comes home; this is how I keep the owners involve so they can learn to upkeep their dog's good behavior. If the owners are going to be out of town, we can discuss how can we can do the weekly sessions. This service also includes a leash and an elevated bed. Other equipment, such as an Ecollar, is optional and is sold separately. Board and train length depends on the severity of the dog’s issue and your training goal. A printed contract needs to be filled out to sign up for this service; and to reserve a spot, 25% of the total price must be put down as deposit. I'm currently only taking in three dogs at a time. I offer a home & calm environment; this is not a kennel facility. We have a house set up to give all the dogs a sufficient safe space to stay in during their stay with us.



  • Must be at least 4 months old and older

  • Must be up to date on vaccinations.​​​​



It starts at two weeks for $1750 and it's $850 for each additional week.

$100 off for each additional dog

Inquire about payment arrangement if needed.


AVAILIBILITY: There is currently an open spot; please inquire to confirm availibity. Dates are flexible. You can book in advance.

(Updated on 09/11/23)

NOTE: I will be on a vacation break from Dec 3rd to 17th.

(Email signed contract and vaccine records at or text a picture at 661-553-5843.)

Services & Prices: Services
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